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WiZ Squire Colours Smart Table Lamp

Model: 929002690416
  • Dual zone light effect in a special shape - The special shape of this light, along with our unique dual zone design lets you paint a splash of light on the wall, while lighting a soft glow on the surface where the lamp sits. Mix and match from a choice of millions of light colours or choose dynamic light modes to create Scenes that fit your mood. Winner of the iF Design Award 2022.
  • Millions of colours and changing light modes to make your day Choose any light colour you like or simply apply a dynamic light mode that we've designed for you. Fireplace or Ocean, for example, will help you create an amazing atmosphere and lift your mood.
  • Set the right ambience with tunable warm to cool white light Choose from a wide range of energising cool white to soft warm white light, or simply select from the preset modes such as Focus and Relax to create the best ambience for your activities.
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Bring smart light to any corner of your space with the WiZ Squire dual zone table lamp, which casts colourful light on to the wall. Use with the WiZ app or your voice to dim and brighten or use preset light modes on Wi-Fi setups.

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