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WiZ B22 Dimmable Whites Smart Bulb with Bluetooth

Model: 929002450402
  • Illuminate with soft and warm white light-Create a cosy atmosphere with warm white light. A smart light that easily adapts to your daily activities.
  • Dim your smart lights even without a dimmer- Simply adjust lights to your desired brightness level using your smartphone, the WiZ control accessory or just your voice. No need to install an expensive dimmer!
  • Control smart lighting the way you like it - WiZ enables you to control smart lighting in multiple ways. Adjust lights with your smartphone, voice, the WiZ remote control or by using the existing wall switch to toggle between two favourite modes. Works with Google Home, Alexa and Siri Shortcuts.
  • Monitor your energy consumption - Get an overview of the energy consumption of your lights with the WiZ app. Easily access a weekly or daily report to help you stay on top of your energy consumption at home.
  • Activate lights with motion without having sensors WiZ's SpaceSense technology.
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Bring warm white light to your B22 fittings with the WiZ dimmable smart bulb. Use with the WiZ app or your voice for easy control.

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